As part of an ongoing effort to add insight into some of our favourite business bestsellers, we are talking to the authors themselves. And we’re starting with none other than Tim Brown, author of the game-changing book, Change by Design: How Design Thinking Transforms Organisations and Inspires Innovation.

For our column on the Huffington Post, Tim Brown shares with us his inspiration for his best-selling book, which was “to help leaders deal with a world of constant change.” He also challenges the notions of what makes a leader today, stating that organisations “need to be flexible, agile and innovative. They need a different form of leadership. The notion that the head of the organisation has the best ideas was never a smart one, and it certainly isn’t today.”

As Brown would be the first to admit, there is evidence that the term ‘design thinking’ was used well before his book came along. However, there is no doubt that his fresh thoughts on the topic have had a significant influence on the way businesses operate today. Six years since it was originally published, Brown’s book continues to make its mark – making Brown proud to be a “part of a movement to unlock design thinking.”

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