We’re all familiar with the concept of a change of heart, but getting to the heart of change is an altogether different matter. Making changes in business and life is hard – mainly because it comes with a fear of the unknown. But this is a necessary factor of continued innovation and inevitable success.

The Heart of Change: Real-Life Stories of How People Change Their Organisations by John P. Kotter and Dan S. Cohen is based on a series of interviews with the leaders of companies going through large-scale shifts. The book shares instructive and vivid accounts of the strategies implemented, to not only re-structure the companies, but to change people’s behaviour within them.

The Heart of Change focuses on winning both hearts and minds. Leadership experts Kotter and Cohen discuss the importance of connecting with people’s emotions to spark the change in behaviour and actions that lead to success.

Building on Kotter’s successful eight-step process, this book illustrates how large-scale change can work – detailing the steps taken by organisations to overcome obstacles and produce positive results. For anyone facing the challenges inherent in leading change, this book will prove to be both clear and practical in appealing to people’s minds and speaking to their hearts.