Theory and diagnosis are excellent tools for coming up with innovative solutions to business issues. But used alone, they leave you with a massive chasm, stretching between the classroom and real-life scenarios. Business role playing (BRP) can build a bridge between these, progressing the way your business functions. Far more than fun and games, we use BRP to address challenging issues, ranging from staff recruitment to conflict management.

Business role play in action

Although each BRP we set up is specific to the issue being dealt with, there are several common formats which they tend to follow. Most of our programmes involve 1-on-1 role plays, such as trying to influence a senior stake holder during a financial client’s internal audit. Another is the bespoke role play, which gives delegates a template with a series of prompted questions to get them thinking. We also like to incorporate forum theatre, which involves our professional role players performing a scene with the addition of audience participation.

No matter what the scenario, participants don’t have an easy ride. The quality of acting is convincing and our role players don’t let participants get away with lacklustre participation. Our role playing team is trained and talented at picking up on behaviour and body language. With the programme leader, they decide how much they should push and the amount of lee-way to provide. But above all, our role players keep people engaged. Even the sceptics leave converted by the process.

The right cast of characters

Our business role players are far more than just actors. They are a custom-made team we’ve put together and worked with exclusively for years. Already displaying an advanced understanding of the corporate world, each time we bring them in on a project they carry out detailed research. In fact, our business role players are so convincing, one HR manager who was on a BRP workshop sought to hire one of the actors, calling her the “perfect candidate”. Each actor has years of experience with our clients, and takes that knowledge with them to each new project they engage with.

Each actor has years of experience with our clients, and takes that knowledge with them to each new project they engage with.

The Potential Squared approach

Since Potential Squared’s inception, we have incorporated BRP across a range of programmes. Based on the results our clients receive, we know we are delivering a high quality programme that is well worth the cost. What makes us different is that we use our own team members. We have purposely moved away from an agency, and work with a refined group of role players that we are close to, designing the material with our programme designer and a select member of the team. While our competitors might offer their own role playing sessions, our in-house team gives us a more robust and fine tuned approach.

In short, our role players not only walk the walk, they talk the talk. They know the jargon inside and out, and are skilled at coming into almost any situation and providing a real challenge for individuals. With their assistance, our programmes give our clients a chance to perfect the way they deal with the real-life characters they face every day, bridging the divide between the theory and the practice.