We pride ourselves on delivering valuable advice that drives our leaders to excel. Just over a year ago, we turned the tables. We asked you, our valued clients and prospects, to advise us on how we communicate our brand values to you.

Our brand review, conducted by a third-party marketing firm, included one-on-one interviews and an online survey. When reviewing the findings, we were chuffed to confirm that our clients hold us very in high esteem. They agreed that we offer a rare combination of talented people and quality programmes that are hard hitting and results driven. They experience this directly and also hear these sentiments expressed from their people. We also found that our clients enjoy a consistent quality of experience across everyone they deal with at Potential Squared.

There were, of course, some lessons. There was a general feeling that while our programmes are excellent, we had not pushed our brand as far as we could. Fortunately, all clients have expressed a desire to hear more from us on an ongoing basis, either in person, over the phone, or through our marketing efforts. And almost all of you were excited about the prospect of a brand new Potential Squared website.

So, as we’d tell our clients to do, we have listened to your advice while also trusting our gut. Both told us that we needed a fresh new website packed with useful content covering topics of relevance and interest to our prospects and clients.

You’ve seen the results of our new website design. Now we hope you’ll delve into our new content offering which includes blogs, videos, columns, newsletters, emails, tweets and retweets. More than just telling you what we do and how, we want our website to be a fundamental source of valuable and relevant information.

Late last year, our new website was officially live. This year, you’ll see even more of what we have on offer, which includes our first official foray into films. As always, we welcome your feedback both on our new site and the content it contains, today and into the future. To all of you who offered your refreshingly direct viewpoints – we thank you. And our website thanks you too.